Videos Suddenly Getting Really Low Views?!?!


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So, I just changed my descriptions to make them a lot more detailed and include links. Essentially making them better. I'm not sure if this caused it but now my videos are hardly getting any views. Any help that you guys can provide would be great! (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this)


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Some numbers would help to get to know ur situation better.
If you are talking about -100~1000 views/day, I believe its just YT randomness.

Marshmallow Machete

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I think when you change tags and descriptions it can take a while for youtube to update the changes. I changed some tags on one of my videos as I had tagged it completely wrong and it wasn't coming up in search. Straight after I searched for the video again and it still wasn't coming up. I think it took a couple of days before the changes took effect.


Dunno if this is a recent change, but your content seems to be all over the place. If you don't have something you identify as (Let's player, designer, artist), then a lot of people will watch like 10 of your videos and then dissapear forever.


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