Video Game Stocks you could be investing into


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Did you know that you could be investing in Video Games by investing in the stock market? Many video game companies are publicly traded that you may have heard of and some you may not have heard of.

While you may earn money from trading stocks, be aware that you can also lose money from trading stocks. I am not telling you to buy any specific stocks or guaranteeing you will earn money from investing into the stocks. Please do your own research on stock trading before buying a stock.

You can save money from having to pay trade commissions with a broker by going through the popular site/app called Robinhood. Robinhood lets you learn to invest in the stock market for free.

Some video game stocks are Microsoft (MSFT), Activision (ATVI), Zynga (ZNGA), EA (EA), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), GameStop (GME), Nvidia (NVDA), and AMD (AMD).

Signup for Robinhood for free using this link, you and I will both receive a random stock for free just for you signing up. Its free to signup, no catches. -


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