Using a free to use royalty free music track? - Tweet your video to the artist and thank him!

I recently discovered a free royalty free music channel. teknoaxe just to name him.

This artist has a wide variety of music styles, and he's pretty darn good. Last week, I used his music in one of my vids. I so enjoy his work that I decided to Tweet him my video and I told him that I'm a fan of his work. I figured that this is the least I can do for someone that offers epic music for free.

Surprisingly, he replied and said he liked my vid Tweet. On Twitter, there's these retweet bots that I unfollowed because I had zero interaction with all those retweets. Instead of tweeting to bots, give a try to the artist that made the music for your video, a retweet from them or a simple reply is way more gratifying.

Have a great day all.


I hadn't thought about doing this on twitter, I'd sent messages to modders and musicians through other mediums but I'm so glad I read your post as I completely forgot about twitter and it's probably a much better way to spread word as well :)

Eric Matyas

I always encourage media creators to send me links to their videos and games when they use my tracks, and they often do. I love seeing how creative people use my music! :)