Twitch, Youtube or Another site: Which Livestream site Offers the best deal for Content Creator

Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization & Copyright' started by nightangel, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. nightangel

    nightangel New Member

    I've been live streaming gaming using restream for multiple streaming sites which is great

    Looking to make one of them my primary and redirect most of my viewer traffic to that main channel site

    While Twitch is certainly the largest site out there, followed by youtube and hitbox

    I'm wondering which site actually treats their content creators and
    partners the best , who gives them the most fair share of revenue

    To throw so numbers in for example if you are getting constant 500 viewers and have 50 followers or subscribers

    Which one would be make the best main site

    Since there are a lot more place out there now besides twitch

    e.g. Hitbox, youtube, Azubu, Insta Gib Veetle

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