Thoughts On Buying Youtube Views?


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Just an addition to what people have already said. Think about the long run. I have seen channels with 10k+ views, but the video has 10 likes or their channel has 40 subscribers. Even if purchasing views on a video will attract more people to that video, they might see the content and leave if they don't like it. If you have money to spend, spend it on equipment or even legit advertising
I don't actually think that buying views is profitable. It would be better to advertise a channel through collaboration with another popular youtuber. Pay him some many, for an advertising.
Buying views will do just that. Get you views. But YouTube takes into account Audience retention alot more now. So if you have 10000 views but its all from bots that just click on your video then click away it will tank your retention % thus causing more harm than good.
The worst thing you can actually do! Those viewers won't come back for more! Keep communicating with people in YT that has similar interests to you, build your fan base there so they would come back to see more of anything you're doing!


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