Think Smart Content Creators and Protect Yourself and ya Careers!


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I am creating this to help other content creators to protect their careers to if they don't know what to do next due to either the FTC / YouTube situation or living in fear of losing everything due to relying on everyone on a platform that you at the end of the day have no say or right too. But what if we can change that? I'm basically telling guys to create ya own website, something to be used as a hub to show and feature all the content that you produce.

Yes, most of what you are doing is most using the embedding features to the main website to feature ya content now this alone which doesn't restore features that you may of having lost so let's create a solution to this problem.

  • Newsletter System
A newsletter system can easily replace the notification bell, however, you don't want to be spammy with this type of thing and my recommendation is to send weekly newsletters with all your latest videos, streams schedules etc etc etc

  • Forums
Go ahead call me a boomer for suggesting this, however, this will give you control this can also be used as your "comment section" and "community tab" after all that's what a forum basically is! Either a community of an idea, a subject or a person. Why do i suggest owning a forum instead of something like discord? well, cause the same reason you are relying on someone else services instead of trying to be independent as like i said before you can be either banned for no reason as it happens or in case something happens and with having a community forum that you own and control the data like usernames and emails for ya newsletter system.

  • Be more vocal in videos
Due to losing things like cards and end screens is def a real bummer, however, this will come on the ability to get your audience to use the services you own and control. Cards and extra information can also be put in a forum thread about a video with all the information needed.

I hope this gives you some ideas, this use to be a practice i've been wanting to do myself, however, for me, it probably too late but doesn't mean the information cannot help someone else and be honest we all should have adopted these practices a long time ago if we wanted to secure our careers as content creators and to show forums can still work for a community look at the linus tech tips forums, for example, its whole purpose is to be a backup in case something happened.

Well, I hope this helped....
head to if you need an example of what to do!
keep in mind my web dev and i still working on features to make it more redundant!


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Great advice hopefully they listen
I hope so too, after all, we are just subcontractors to theses platforms and there will always be someone be willing to fill the shoes. So to protect yourself you'll have to rely on the platform you make content for and create ya own! :)


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