Theory - Ad Block Plus will allow some YouTube adverts

Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization & Copyright' started by Mjolnir Gaming, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Mjolnir Gaming

    Mjolnir Gaming New Member

    In case you missed it, ad block is going to allow certain adverts (those deemed worthy) to display even when adblock is turned on:

    Given the importance of video in marketing, adblock will be under extreme pressure to allow preapproved video formats or displays ads on YouTube. This should create extra revenue opportunities for YouTubers.

    Western countries about +40% of the population use adblockers.
  2. vmnt

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    i'm extremely unlucky when it comes to this as 63% of my audience us adblock.. yeah.. 63% :'( so personally, I welcome this move :p *saves me having to charge for my music*

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