THE SLAYING OF THE EYE! | Terraria #3 w/ TripleR

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    Today me and my friend decided to make another Terraria let's play video. I consider this one to be my best one, since I was very very selective on what I used in the video. I actually had two videos recorded of this but by the point the finished product reached five minutes, I had already siphoned through the entire first video. So what was originally intended to be the fourth video soon became the rest of the third video. I record a hour of raw footage give or take, so I siphoned through two hours of raw video just for this video. So I put a lot of work into this nonetheless, and would highly appreciate it if some you guys checked it out. Just a fair warning: I do get extremely loud at some points of the video so be careful with your volume setting.
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    omg thats one scary eyeball with a mouth monster there

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