The Problem With Funny Moments Channels

Discussion in 'YouTube Discussion' started by Amaryx, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Amaryx

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    Is it me or is funny moments channels have been going down the drain? Like people would label their videos "funny moments" but to me it's more of like a let's play chopped up into little bits. The big YouTubers that still make these kinds of videos are Kwebblekop, VanossGaming, Jelly, Seananners and Slogoman.

    VanossGaming and Seananners content maybe be somewhat immature for younger audiences but the editing and quality is still high after all if those years. Kwebblekop, Jelly and Slogoman all make the same style videos but after their 3 second intro of every video. The editing and creativity is gone and they just yell in the video the whole time.

    If you still haven't seen my point, this video explains it in more depth detail.

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    I agree completely. These types of channels feel like they are more geared towards kids who think nothing but screaming is funny. But, that's just my opinion.

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