The origin of your name?


I'm curious to see how everyone came up with their username. Considering it's sort of like your identity on the internet(like many others I use Vocosol and Vocosolis everywhere now), the way you thought of it is an important part of the name.

Personally, Vocosolis(my YouTube and deviantArt) came up because, while I use Vocosol for everything else, I'd had accounts on YT and DA that I deactivated and wasn't able to get the username back. So I just added the "is".

As for Vocosol, that's a little more complex. I wanted to find a memorable name that most people would be able to say, like Notch, CaptainSparklez, TotalHalibut, etc;

My name is actually two. Voco and Sol are actually two latin words, Sol meaning sun, which is where we get words like Solar, and Voco meaning "I call/I summon". The literal translation of Voco sol is "I call the sun". If you put the two together as one word, you get Vocosol. :)

How did you all come up with your usernames?


World Of Warcraft days.
My rogue was "Theowner", once I hit 80 and joined a guild, I didn't like that anymore. My deathknight random name generator was Deathrick, I half liked it, but kinda corny. So take off the E, its not Death now, it's Dathrick!


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I came up with Viper because that's one of my favorite cars, dream cars. The Game Over part was just something catchy to go along with Viper. I got the idea of that from GameOverGreggy on IGN. Then I think a clan started up called GameOver, where they did there names like mine. So now I see a few people when playing COD with GameOverSOandSo. lol

kitsune tsuki

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I used to play a lot of online anime golf (pangya) and called my self MrFox, seeing as i was late to Xbox that gamertag was gone but i wanted to keep the fox theme especially for playing games like CoD as i'm the guy who likes to sneak round and knife the snipers and campers which i felt was very fox like :p so the name Kitsune tsuki is Japanese Kitsune meaning fox and tsuki meaning possession together they are used to describe someone possessed by a fox, simple :D

So why do i use Fox? well my surname ends with Fox and obviously because foxes are awsome


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My full nickname is Cooliex the Twilight Dragon

Cooliex originally came from my old nickname Coolie which was the first character I created on NBA Jam. I added an "x" at the end when I first played Halo for a more modern futuristic feel.

Twilight Dragon came from my love of dragons and the epitath of twilight from the .hack series


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Let's see. When I was in 6th grade, I created my first email address. I was going for ShadowJ, but that was already taken. At the time, AOL made recommendations for similar usernames. Shdwj was one of them, and I thought, "Huh, that's pretty unique." So up until this day, Shdwj is an online handle that has stuck close with me.

He was even the name of my first role-playing character lol. :)


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Mine is pretty simple, my real name is Ashley and I love science/space type stuff. So I took the word "Astral" and converted it to "Ashtral", which I prefer names that look "cool" so I changed the S to a Z. Azhtral. Pronounced like it's Ashtral.


Used to play WoW and my main's name was Noveon and I wanted to make an alt. with a 'cooler' name, So I combined Nova with Amplifier, misspelling the 'fier' completely, getting 'phyer'. Novaphyer, I stuck with the name a while after I finished up WoW , it had a nice ring to it, sounding like Novafire as well.


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Citano came from my favorite character in video games. Citan Uzuki.
He was one of the playable characters in my favorite video game of all time: Xenogears (PSX).

Used the nickname Citan in World of Warcraft in the start and when I was making an alt in TBC days I named it Citano to make it sound abit like my main character. I eventually got more attached to that name, plus that it sounds like more a different name than to "steal" a name directly from an already existing character.

Not long ago I found out that Citano is actually a third-person plural present indicative of the italian verb: citare (citare means "to quote" in English)
Also found out then that Citan is also apparently a Mercedes-Benz light van/mini MPV car.


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