The answers to all the annoying questions threads people create!!

Found this post in /r/letsplay and the author is /u/LlamadeusGame.

I strongly recommend to all the Damnlag moderators to delete new threads concerning these questions and refer those members to this thread. We are all tired of these same questions over and over and honestly, when you ask a question from that list, it feels like stealth self-promotion, and it's against the forums rules.

Should I delete my channel?

No, almost certainly never. Unless you did some kind of heinous thing to permanently scar your channel you should never start a new channel. I don't care how many dead subs you have, or how few subs you have, or how embarrassed you are of your content. The thing you have to keep in mind is that a channel is nothing more than an account really, it's a formality required to upload videos. You can delete, or delist, or rebrand, or do whatever you want with your channel. The only thing you accomplish by deleting it and starting a new one is creating a lot of work to set it all up again and get a situation where you can do exactly what you already could have done with the first one.

Also, these questions typically come with some kind of sob-story explaining why you want a new channel, it comes off as an attention grab.

My channel is failing, why!?

While it's perfectly fine to pursue advice within the community, to come into the subreddit and ask people to scour your channel, your art, your SEO, your videos, your commentary, your thumbs, and so on to come up with some kind of concise explanation as to why you're unsuccessful is too much. Keep in mind there are channel consultation services which people charge hundreds of dollars for, and you're essentially asking that the people here do this for you for free.

Another negative aspect of this question is it requires people visit your channel to answer, which could be considered stealth self-promotion, which is against the rules.

Should I use facecam?

I don't know... Should you? This is another great example of a question that no one here can actually definitively answer. Some people like it, others hate it. The people who think it adds nothing will tell you no, the people who think it's great will tell you yes, and everyone else will tell you that it's up to you(Which is the correct answer).

There are myriad examples of wildly successful youtubers using both methods, so ultimately this one is, again, up to you.

What games should I play? / Should I play what I want or what my channel wants?

Whatever you want to do, do it. It's your channel. You have to ask yourself "Am I in this for myself, or am I in this for an ulterior reason?" (Fame, money, etc.) The only people who should be running channels are the people who enjoy doing it, and the only people who are going to become famous and earn a lot of money are the people who do it as a passion. If it's your passion, then you should simply do what you're passionate about and damn to the consequences. It's YOUR channel, not ours, and not your subs.

So basically, play what you want to play, and if you want to diversify, diversify.

Should I join X MCN / X MCN approached me, is it legit?

This question is a little trickier but still doesn't deserve it's own breakout threads. Basically this one does boil back down to personal preference but a little bit of objective information can be provided. Basically most MCNs that approach you, particularly if it's some prebaked email, should be ignored. When you decide you want to join an MCN you should approach them.

Certain MCN's do offer useful benefits to their partners but you need to be educated on what those are, and it's up to you to decide if it's worthwhile. Understand that an MCN will essentially never go out of their way to help you personally, so when evaluating one to join be certain to weigh them only on what they offer you from a concrete tool perspective, and not from a "You'll suddenly be popular we swear /winkwink/" perspective.

What is the best way to get views/comments/likes/etc?

If you build it, they will come, or something to that effect. The only thing that you can really do is make sure that your content isn't garbage (This is somewhat objective, quality is key, you should be able to tell if your uploads are good.) and that you're practicing good SEO. You have to put in the legwork, do the research, and make sure that you're utilizing social media. The closest thing to a "Solve-all" or "get rich quick" answer to this question is to do a lot of collaborative videos as collabing is an extremely strong means of advertising directly to an audience that wants to see your content. Of course, unless you're putting in the aforementioned legwork the only people who will want to collab with you are other YouTubers that think they can be successful without the investment.

This is another one of those basic questions that could be considered a derivative of the "What's wrong with my channel?" question.

How do I stay motivated? / Should I just quit?

While I can't fault someone for catching a bit of the ol' creators block, and feel a bit down on themselves (We all have from time to time) the answer is the same for everyone. Why did you start your channel in the first place? Do a little soul searching and figure out what made you passionate originally. And in a worst case scenario you can just habituate the recording and upload process, but honestly if you're just making content out of habit, should you be making it?

Which leads well into the follow-up question, and I'm going to sound a little harsh here... If you cannot find a passion, or a personal reason why you want to upload content, which SHOULD motivate you, then yes you should quit. In theory we create content because we want to, our reasons vary but the ultimate answer for most of us is that we enjoy the entire process. If you don't find a personal reason to upload, then you should not be uploading. This is true for channels of all size, you're not obligated to your subs to upload, only to yourself. Sorry man, you tried.


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Facecam should probably be reserved for woman on twitch only.

Damnlag most of these questions people post that are nonsense. Why do we even need this topic? People can just joined discord and talk instead of posting it up. Also adding these questions should be removed?

What do you do on youtube?
How to get subs?
Youtube is dying?
what games should I play?