Suicide Squad??

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Geoboy4000, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Geoboy4000

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    Hi guys, I know it only came out yesterday but has anyone seen suicide squad yet? I have already heard bad things about it, I was hoping someone on here would shed some light on it... I am a massive Hero film fan so i am hoping it is good lol. I just don't want to waste £20 on going to the cinema to see a bad film XD
  2. Common-Ryan

    Common-Ryan New Member

    Have you seen it? i thought it was pretty good. They used Harley Quinn & Deadshot (Will Smith) characters a fair bit, either then that it was great! not the best also not the worst :) i won't spoil the rest
  3. Geoboy4000

    Geoboy4000 Member

    I haven't seen it yet, to be honest I don't think i'm going to go watch it in the cinema now. Too much negativity on it, doesn't sound like its worth the money.
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  4. DJStitch91

    DJStitch91 Guest

    JARED LETO IS OVER RATED. 6/10 film, good action shots and fight scenes. cgi used on enchantress a bit much in places, worth a watch if you have spare £££ but i wouldnt rush out the watch it.
  5. Jack Muskrat

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    I really enjoyed Suicide Squad. Obviously the Joker and Harley Quinn were versions people aren't generally use to seeing, and it's hard to have the Joker in a Batman film because everyone just compares it to previous versions in films. People tend to forget that the character changes somewhat in different storylines and universes, etc.
    That being said, I will say (along with many others) Heath Ledger has done the best job so far. But I don't think Jared Leto did a bad job or portraying that version of the Joker. I think it worked well for that film/scenario/what-have-you.
    I do think they centred the film around Deadshot a bit much - not that it made the film worse, but I was expecting it to aim for equal attention to the whole group (though I expected more attention to be on Harley, for obvious reasons). But as it seemed to be a group film, but with particular attention of that characters standings, morals, and story, I think it was done well.
  6. Etharal EGN

    Etharal EGN Member

    I'd agree with all this it's definitely worth a watch. If you enjoy hero movies you'll certainly not hate it.

    One thing I've said to a fair few people about this movie as well is don't expect a marvel movie. It's sounds daft but I've heard a few people make the comment that it's not 'as funny as the avengers movies' which it certainly isn't the same type of fun and worth not trying to compare the two. Past both being team up movies the similarities kind of end there.

    If you enjoy athe DC comic book universe this will be worth a watch. I actually prefer what they're trying to do with the DC movie universe over the Marvel one
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  7. PhantomIsHere

    PhantomIsHere New Member

    Nope Don't want to watch it
  8. jaysportshd

    jaysportshd New Member

    Each to their own dude. I personally loved it but can understand also why people don't.

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