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    So im kinda new on youtube, i real enjoy to make videos with my friends, and editing IT IS SO FUN.
    Now my question is.
    Copyright, like when i edit some moments, i add music wich i do not own it, sounds, etc.
    What i am supposed to write in the description, or what i need to do, to dont get copyright strike, or whatever it is called.
    Another thing.
    The money, cents, and shits, What do i need to start be partener with Youtube, or a youtube network, what i need to make, to have etc.
    Thanks for reading this post, and hope you can help me!
  2. ChronosJk

    ChronosJk New Member

    So can you provide more info about copyright, and if you can tell me a good network?Thanks for helping me btw.
  3. ABRhombus

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    I've found that there are different levels of use when it comes to using other people's material. Normally the author will tell you how they want it used.

    Attribution - this is when the author wants credit for their work. Usually they just want a link back to where you found it. Some times they'll even tell you exactly when to say to credit them.

    Commercial use - I'm not exactly sure of the specifics here. I usually assume I can't use it and that they don't want you to use their work to make money.

    Changes - can't remember the exact wording but this is when they give you permission to alter their work to serve your needs.

    Public use - usually this is material for the public to use how they wish.

    If you want to see some examples, do an image search on Flickr and click on one of the images. When you go to the image page, on the right hand side, you'll see how the originator wants the content to be used.

    At the end of the day, the best rule is if you can't find any copyright info or it is unclear to you...DONT USE IT.

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    This pretty much.
    It doesnt matter how you avoid copy right strikes, the idea is "not" to use material under other person`s right. There are literally shit ton of free stuff you can use, image or music.

    Requirement to join YouTube partnership differs for each partnership like super said. But I wouldn't bother partnering for money with your view-count, as you`ll be only making few cents a month.
    Instead, wait for a little more. See if YouTube is truly what you enjoy doing, and you`re confident about continuing uploading regardless of ad revenue. By that time, you should have more views and concrete community base, and that will allow you to join "proper" network with support and tools to help you out.
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    6 metric tonnes of shite to be precise. Lol.
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