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    Please WATCH the video, Winners links are in the video and below thanks. Welcome to Shoutout Club! Please don't spam my videos asking for a Shoutout. You are welcome to ask for a Shoutout but only on the Shoutout Club videos!

    What do I get? Subs and active ones at that and what do you get? Entertained by my videos I hope! Some Active subs if you win plus not only do you get a Shoutout on my channel but you also get your video featured on my Gaming News website for a week and featured on my You tube channel for ever in the Great Gaming Channels section as shown in the shout out video which will give your channel more exposure, Check out the rules below.

    ►FIRST RULE OF SHOUTOUT CLUB IS! Subscribe to my channel and stay active.

    ►SECOND RULE OF SHOUTOUT CLUB IS! Subscribe to the two winners and try to stay active.

    This is a very important rule as the whole point of this is to give channels some support and subs.

    ►THIRD RULES OF SHOUTOUT CLUB IS! Comment to the winners #Anypcgametech or #Anypc sent me. Again please do this so I know you have been over and supports the winning channels:D

    PLEASE Make sure you Follow the rules guys so I know you have gone over and checked the channels out thanks.


    Congratulations to the winners!


    Show The Winners lots of love and support and try to stay active, You never know you might love their content and chances are you will get some support back! See you next Sunday :-D

    #ShoutoutSunday #GrowyourChannel

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