Should I get an editor

Should I get an editor?

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  • no

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I have just started yt a few days ago. I have very little subs and very little views. I guess what I am here to ask is should i get an editor in order to be able to post frequently, or is it a better idea to simply edit myself and get the full experience first?

Fost Da Gama

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For me I'd rather see how far I can push my videos by myself. Plus I'm already lazy as it is if I had an editor he probably fire me for all the ridiculous stuff I have him do...for little pay:mask:

Plus I got other content like my storytimes I do anyway to keep my channel flowing. I been dropping vids for a month straight and still got more content.


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Okay so my vote is do it yourself. There is nothing as satisfying as learning something new and watching your skills grow. Plus, it's a skill that you can market if YouTube doesn't pan out for you, in whatever way you are expecting.

So 100% edit your videos yourself, especially when starting out.


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I agree with Indie King in that it depends on what you want for your Youtube channel (if you don't know what you want then I'd figure that out first).
If you want to make the process easier for yourself but still have entertaining videos (albeit possibly at a cost that may never profit), then getting an editor may be a good idea.
If you wish to learn new skills including editing, or if you don't want to spend money hiring an editor and are willing to put in the time - editing for yourself can be quite useful.


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