Should I contact game developer everytime before I post a video?

Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization & Copyright' started by prady, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. prady

    prady New Member

    I'm currently a YouTube Partner but I only make programming tutorials about gaming in Android and Flash AS3. I have 600+ subscribers and now I'm thinking of uploading some gaming stuff, in other words I want my channel to be gaming channel now.

    I did some research and found that there are some networks which I should join. But to register with them I have to have some amount of views with no copyright strikes. People join the networks so that there will be no issue of copyright strikes etc. If I upload my videos without registering with any network as a plain youtuber then there are chances I will get copyright strike.

    First of all I want to do some videos demonstrating performance of different games playing on different hardware settings with different processors and graphic cards etc.

    What type of games should I upload so that I won't hit by any copyright strike? Can I ask for the permission from game developers?
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  2. Flash Cake

    Flash Cake Member

    What I do is have a second channel and I upload my videos to that channel privately and see if I get copyright strikes on them before uploading to my main channel. You generally don't have to contact devs for information, it's probably public information anyway whether or not you can upload their game footage and even then you should be covered under fair use.
  3. Kloer Gaming

    Kloer Gaming Member

    First I like to dig around on the devs website to see if they have any posted stance on if they are ok with YT videos or not with monetization. If they don't have anything I try to contact the dev of whatever game I intend to do an LP of and wait until I get a response from them. If they don't respond then I make sure to NOT do that game just to be safe!

    I actually have my steam library (400+ games) split into Monetizable/Non-Monetizable/Non-Recordable games and get confirmation from devs (whether by e-mail or digging on the site) before sending a game to one of the categories so I know what I can upload and what is and is not monetizable.

    I do like Flash Cake's idea of doing the second channel thing though.
  4. Septimus

    Septimus New Member

    If there is an issue it will probably just be a "third party matched content message" on the video, it happened to a couple of mine. When this happens you can't monitise the videos the developer might put adverts on it themselves but other than that it wasn't a problem.

    I got a copyright claim from konami i just wasn't allowed to monitise the vid.

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