Royalty free music? What things are you looking for?


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Hi everyone!

Let me give a quick introduction, My name is Kobe. I am a software developer from the united states.

Alright to the point. I'm creating a website that will allow youtubers, both big and small, to find royalty free music created by the community. The web application would feature easy and simple navigation for finding tracks that you could use in your videos for free or at minimum 99 cents. I think that this could be helpful for youtubers who need to find background tracks to play for their videos and also for musicians who are on the come up.

Let me know what you think! Any suggestions or things that you would want to see in an application like this. Let me know if there are any things that you have trouble with when finding music for you videos.


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It sounds like a good idea to me if it can be implemented well enough. I just wonder if it'll be that common to use since the channels who'd use music in the first place (probably more dedicated ones) I'd suspect would already be partnered with a network that gives them free access to something like Epidemicsound. I could be wrong though.


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I've been chopping bits from sites like bensound and just using 10 seconds or so. Probably a good idea to reach out to indie music sites and start asking them to use their music soon.


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