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I just want to this thread by saying, yes, this has been posted before on my previous account however, as the network is open now I am ready to start recruiting. I will take down my previous thread.

Hello, my name is Designation.

At this current moment in time I am starting a new network named RogueDigital. This website/network has been completed, I am going to focus on making our partners channels look professional and appealing, however I digress. The purpose of this thread is to recruit new staff members that are willing to work for Rogue.

Here is our site:

Here are the jobs we are currently offering, if you had anymore ideas in mind leave a comment below

This job is clearly the most demanding and would require a cover letter along side some testimonials, this job needs you to have a mind set that will improve rogue and will bring it to its highest potential. This job requires you do have a good work ethic and needs to be able to manage other members of staff

Executive staff
This position will require you to have some sort of previous experience in networking. This job is going to be fairly complicated and will need applicants that are vigilant and formal. This job is for me to have assurance when I am not able to handle certain problems.

This is how we will recruit our creators, you will need to produce a compelling argument about why people should join rogue digital. To apply for this we will supply you with a series of questions that you will need to answer in a formal manner. This job has no limited amount of applicants as it is a well needed job.

Designers/Web design
At this moment in time this job is vital, we need a sleek design for our website that is appealing to our creators. I am a web designer/graphic designer but as CEO ofRogueDigital I wont have enough time for this.

For this you will need to know a lot about the network, you will need to be able to handle customers and answer their questions, should they have any. You will need experience in website hosting in the occasion of website downtime etc.

If you are interested in applying, contact me on skype

Kind regards,