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Discussion in 'YouTube Partners & Networks' started by Icosahedral, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Icosahedral

    Icosahedral Member

    Hey guys,

    I recently got an email (not as sketchy as it sounds, I have a throwaway email listed in the about section so anyone can email me) from someone who says he is a member of the Talent Partnerships team with BroadbandTV. He said he likes my videos and thinks that I could be a good fit for the network, which got me really excited. However, I'm a little skeptical, because I don't think that a network would reach out to me, since my highest viewed video has 128 views, and the rest are between 5 and 40, usually on the low end of that. So I've got a few questions.

    Do you think this is legit? Why would a network be interested in someone with such little reach? What are your opinions on BroadbandTV? And if this is legit, do you think they will help me to advertise my videos so I can achieve a higher view count?

    Thanks for any responses!
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  2. Gamer Group

    Gamer Group New Member

    It is possible this email is legit. I would recommend you join a network where you can get a no lock in contract, as I have found, BroadbandTV have a 3 years contract with lock in, where you probably will get a 60/40 revenue share due to your channel is small. I would not think they are going to offer much promotion for your videos/channel, networks usually promote channels who gets a lof of views. But if you are going to join them, be sure to read the contract carefully.

    Kind regards
    Jacob Hinze
    Gamer Group
  3. Icosahedral

    Icosahedral Member

    Thank you for the info. After looking into them quite a bit myself, I've decided not to do it because they seem to be very lax on promotion, and that's really what I need right now.

    So on that note, if anyone knows any decent networks with relatively short contracts that will offer me good promotion opportunities, I'm all ears! Remember, I probably don't qualify for most of them due to the reasons I stated in the OP.
  4. wukh network

    wukh network New Member

    well, whatever you do don't accept anything less than 80% rev share and no lock in contract.
    Networks will try and reach small youtubers because the market is tough at the moment, and speaking on behalf of my network, reaching small youtubers is a bet in the future. The growth potential is there.

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