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I'm new to YouTube, and know nothing about Marketing.

My content is definitely in the gaming niche, and often tailors to the older retro gamer. When those people see my content, they tend to like it and hang around, whereas people outside that nice won't.

So-- How do you target your niche to get traction?

I realize that over time, word of mouth will help... but older gamers aren't exactly the chatty fanboy types. So I'd love to jump-start the channel to get more eyes from my target audience on my channel.

How do you go about that?

I have a fairly large following on Twitter, so that piece is going ok.
I've also seen some traction from FacePunch, but that has a fairly small user base.
What forums or social places do 30 - 40 something gamers hang out at these days?


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I'd try finding forums mostly dedicated to retro gaming. I'm sure you'll find some if you look.
And it's not only 30-40. I myself like retro games, just not exclusive to them.
I checked out your channel. Pretty interesting stuff. Good job. I even subbed. :clap:


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