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Discussion in 'YouTube Discussion' started by mmorpgamingx, Jun 30, 2013.

By mmorpgamingx on Jun 30, 2013 at 8:44 AM
  1. mmorpgamingx

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    HI all :)
    I got into one idea to start my own show on youtube called "1 Hour Game Review" and i wanna ask should i split the videos in more than one part or to put just that 1 hour video like an episode ???
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Discussion in 'YouTube Discussion' started by mmorpgamingx, Jun 30, 2013.

    1. ArchTalko
      Personally, I get pretty intimidated by longer videos. 15-17 minutes is the perfect time frame for me when it comes to seeing a video, but obviously I can't speak for everyone else
    2. PS3PCGaming
      I dont think a game needs a 1 hour review
    3. Pewpwe
      I agree with Arch on this one. In my opinion, once you've completed a game, the review shouldn't take long so I guess you could shorten the time length to 30 minutes or something like that. You could split the parts in theory, but I think that doing so would defeat the purpose of the game review and make it seem fragmented.

      Quality over quantity on this one my friend. You should focus on the video and make it entertaining as well as being able to convey your opinion of the game which you are reviewing. You can decide to make the video up to 1 hour if you wish to or split it in parts, but so far you've got 2 votes on shortening the time period.

      I would think that certain games could offer exceptions though.
    4. youtubegamers
      I think you should split into multiple videos, each has a theme with wonderful game tips or moves to attract people.
    5. GameOverViper
      If its going to be an hour you could possibly include some interviews or something with actual developers and air that.

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