Question about banners

I know a lot of gaming Youtubers like to put images of characters from games they like in their banner, and I'm re-designing mine currently, so I was curious: is this something we can get in trouble for?

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From my experience of being a designer, I have not seen anyone that has gotten in trouble for having characters from games on their banner. I am sure it is safe. I see channels with them all the time. You should be good. If you have any other questions regarding graphic design, animation, YouTube channel art, etc., contact me via Damnlag PM or email. Have a great day!



technically speaking certain characters will be a copyright as the game but if you have permission to show a game then the characters I would imagine would be ok, this being as long as it is clear you are not mis-representing the company's creation or image which I'm sure no one does.
Thanks for clearing it up, guys. I guess this means I can put a couple of characters in my new banner :)

It helps that half of the characters I was planning on adding are owned by bankrupt companies, I would assume.


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