(PS4) Looking for GTAV Online Players/Writers for series/episode for YouTube.


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So I guess you saw the title? Well, pretty much I have an idea of a series type thing on YouTube. I'm here to find people because of course I can't do it be myself. Or can I? No I cannot. My PSN is Bedatguy. Add me if you meet the requirements. So if you wanna join in here are some requirements for players:
  • PS4 w/ GTA V (Duh)
  • A microphone or headset. (The one that come with the PS4 should be good as long as it doesn't echo. If we have another people, I could have some people who don't have a mic/headset.)
  • Be a little serious. (I know what I'm asking for, but if I do get either people, I need people to focus so we can move along to the new thing.
  • Don't be a dick. (Nobody likes a troll. If we're recording, BE CHILL. Don't need the fucking cops ruining shit.)
  • Be creatively. (I'd probably give you a description of the scene we are doing and probably won't tell you to SAY THIS OR THAT. Improv it but don't go crazy like kill yourself outta nowhere.)
  • Be older then 13 years old. (13 is the limit. If you are younger, I'd have to interview you.)
This section is for you. You know that don't you? Anyway, I need writers to give me ideas for episodes and go scene by scene. Add me on Skype: Bedatguy PSN. You should know and have basic knowledge of GTA V (Map, Areas,etc). Requirements for writers:
  • Be at least 14 years old. (Goes without saying that mature words will be used. Hopefully you are ok with that.
  • Be creatively. (Make sure have an idea that can go for at least 10 minutes of recording.)