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Hello Everyone,

I'm Jason one of the owners of Polyvid a new Network under Acifin! We are looking for partners right now, if you are interested in joining please read the network information below. Thank you.

Website: http://polyvid.net

Who we are?

Polyvid is a Partnership Network under Acifin! , We created this network not only to create a YouTube Partnership that makes our partners grow but also to change how YouTube Partnership Networks work and be as unique as possible. We want everyone to be seen as equal and we plan in building a good and responsible network with a very good community that helps each other grow.

Polyvid Contract Details

We offer negotiable contracts meaning you are never tided down to us and can leave at any time. But we always offer 60% revenue share to any of our partners nothing lower, however we could offer you a higher percent over time or even if we think you deserve from the start :D.

To larger partners with 5000+ subscribers we offer you the chance to earn extra revenue through a recruitment link. Which when you offer to your communities and if they apply through the link you would receive additional 10% percent revenue shares, from the people you got to join so the more people you get to join the more percent’s you receive on top of your own contracts revenue share!

How we help our partners?

We help our partners by sending them a channel report every quarter showing how you have improved and any recommendations. We also have a dedicated Skype and email for our partners to contact one of our support reps.

We also like to use various social media such as Twitter and Facebook so we will always share our partners videos. And in the future or own clothes shop will be open for our partners to receive percent’s off to wear our brand!

Our Benefits:

To all our partners:

No Lock-in Contracts:
Want to move away? No problem! We don't hold you into contracts, ever!

Payments through PayPal:
You are paid out even if it’s as little as $1.

Channel Reports:
Every quarter, we'll send out reports of how you've progressed since joining Polyvid!

Experienced Staff:
Our staff members come from the same background as you. We know how this stuff works. You can rely on us.

Ticketing Service:
We have a direct ticket service where you can message us your questions or ideas!

Polyvid Forums:
Post threads about videos or whatever you want to our community!

Skype Support:
Add our skype account to have a direct line to one of our staff members.

Community TeamSpeak:
Record and socialize with fellow partners or friends using our TeamSpeak.

Partner Promotion:
We use a lot of social media we will promote you using it! So make sure to follow our twitter @polyvid and Facebook

Video Monetization:
Earn revenue from advertisements on your videos.

Custom Partner Panel:
Have access to our custom panel with all these services inside and much more!

YouTuber to YouTuber Collaboration:
Meet other YouTubers like yourself and make and share content!

Negotiable Contracts:
Our contracts are entirely negotiable. We aren't satisfied until you're satisfied.

Regular Updates:
See how your percents are benefiting us to improve the network in many ways.

Art & Design Team:
Approch our art team for banners/thumbnails and more.

Audio Libraries:
Music Libraries consisting of royalty free music allowing you to use them in your videos.

Percents off clothing brand:
Receive percents off our clothing brand and look stylish!

To Larger Partners:

Web Hosting:
Want to host your own site? Well we can host it for you using one of our high speed servers!

Game Hosting:
Want to host your own gaming server? Well we can host it for you using one of our high speed servers!

Business Sponsorships:
We offer our partners business deals to help them grow and allow them to earn extra revenue.

Sell your clothing:
Access to Polyvid Clothing and sell your own clothing and earn revenue.

Our Requirements:

  • 2000+ views per month or 150+ views per video.
  • Passionate in making YouTube videos.
  • Good Content
  • NO COPYRIGHT STRIKES AND CONTENT (NOTE: Even if you don't meet all the requirements as long as you don't have a copyright strike and content in your channel the possibility of acceptance is very high.)

If you have any more questions or concerns, email us or add us on skype




Thank you for taking your time to read this thread. It is very much appreciated.

Best Regards,


CEO & Founder of Polyvid