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So I see all these networks and partnerships with "too good to be true" type deals with nice revenue splits. I am just wondering about the CPM's that are offered and where I am supposed to find them. I tried searching but didn't have much luck to that degree.

Am I understanding CPM's right or something else?
Any help?

TM4G Jacob

Usually a recruiting agent will tell you or you will have to ask them yourself, personally if you're not at a high subscriber count and aren't pulling in big amounts of views a network is not the way to go and just stick with adsense :)

But if you do get to that point where you can join a network I recommend Curse they have a 90/10 split with no lock-in and won't try to push contract lock-ins sneakily through contract renewal.

I hope this helps, if you want any help with other things feel free to message me and I'll help you out :)

TM4G Jacob

It's my understanding that, if it's a gaming content (i.e. you show gameplay), you need to monetize through MCNs because of copyright....?
It's a grey area I know some people who were just with adsense that were fine and others got struck for weirdly theyre thumbnails time and time again so it's kinda go at your own risk :p

TM4G Jacob

Yeah of course it's possible to not get caught, but legally I think it's a requirement, and that MCNs pay (or sort out in some way) the copyrights for the gameplay with the game makers.
Fair enough :)
I mean with most indie games I don't see the point if you just cover them but if youre playing AAA games then I'd side with a studio :p


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