Opinions on The Last of Us part 2? (Spoilers!!!)


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I didn't like the game honestly. Of course the graphics were stunning and it had good writing. But I hated the way it turned out because of how attached to Joel I was. and how they tried to justify what happened. Thoughts?


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Loved the game and every bit of it tbh! I think what happened to Joel was absolutely justified. He wasn't a good guy, he wasn't the hero, and he definitely became a villain at the end of the first game.

All the hate and review bombs etc is just IMO people who can't get over the fact that Joel was killed by a girl right at the start of the game. I think people's prejudices really showed through with all the transgender hate from the leaks, and then Abby turned out to just be buff af and not even trans lol... Think that says it all really!

The story made sense 100%


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