OBS vs Fraps, whichscreen recorder is better?

Miss Medi

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If you have the hard drive space and a spare £30 I'd say go for fraps - but yeah, as people say - the file sizes are pretty huge. It also depends on what kind of games you like to play because for example only OBS records Pokemon Showdown - so always worth checking that too!


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Has anyone tried both? If you have which do you think is better and why? I have been using OBS for quite sometime to record my gameplay videos. But I've hear some good things about fraps, is it worth the money to get fraps?
Much prefer OBS

I know that price wise OBS wins unanimously but if fraps has better features then i'm willing to spend.


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For simplicity sake i just use bandicam but most of the time i prefer obs. I never really likes fraps all that much.