Ninetales Commander Fighting Games Thread

Video 1 - Super Smash Bros Episode 5
Isabelle was, needless to say, 1 of the more interesting newcomers to Smash Bros Ultimate. At first we assumed she would be an echo fighter of Villager but to everyone’s surprise, she’s actually her own character with her own set of moves. Granted she does share some moves to Villager but she also compliments them with her own such as the fishing rod and using gyroid as a trap. Let’s see how we do when we play as her.

Video 2 - Pokken Tournament DX Episode 6
Out of all the brand new characters introduced in Pokken Tournament DX, Scizor is my most favourite to play as he’s got plenty of cool looking aerial moves, has Swords Dance built into his projectiles, and can even sap the opponents health and Synergy Gauge with Bug Bite while looking really cool while doing so. Not to mention his Synergy Burst is easily 1 of the best ones in the game visually.


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