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Welcome fish player, there's lots of others swimming into that game, you'll make friends here, that's the important thing that'll help you the most in the long run.


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Welcome! By interacting with others and visiting/being active their channels, you'll definitely reach your goal and make some good friends while doing so.


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Damn Admin
Hello, welcome to the YouTube Gaming Community! Please use the channel promotion and video promotion forums for all your promoting. This section is more towards introducing yourself to the community.


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Hello Synergy Warlord and welcome to the forums!

This is an excellent community with a lot of helpful people. We hope you'll stick around so we can get to know each other better :)

Welcome again,

Karin with Karinabob Gaming


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Welcome yo! Stay active and have fun with your videos. Fans and subs dont usually explode overnight. Make some friends and keep working your content and people will come :)


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Welcome to the forums, lots of useful advice and helpful members here.

Hope you enjoy being here and being part of the community :)
Hello and welcome to the community. Have fun and stay active with us, it will bring traffic to your channel.


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