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Discussion in 'Game Capture Devices & Programs' started by SgtJarrus, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Hi all.

    I currently use: Logitech Webcam software for voice. Bandicam and AMD ReLive for gaming capture, AVS Video Editor for editing and Handbrake for compressing.

    I have problems with some stuff, so I will try to explain some things:
    I always liked to explore stuff, and my current setup was just basic idea which I didn't have time to explore with. I like things at first, so I stayed on it. Now I wanna explore with other options.

    I wanna put my videos on "higher" level in terms of quallity, but I still want my software to be pretty basic. I did try stuff like Sony Vegas and Adobe, but I just get lost.

    For a screen recorder, I would love to try other stuff then bandicam and relive. I did try fraps, but file size is pretty $h177y. Could use help with that.

    I also have 2 years old headset with pretty good mic, but I still don't know how to record live comments with decent loudness. I still don't know how to use programs like audacity. I would love to have live comments and with decent loudness. I don't need professional music studio voice.. I just need some pretty basic stuff.

    And the last thing: thumbnail. I use only thumbnails from youtube. I never done any photo editing, and my logo is made in paint. I would love to use some basic software with ok quallity. I don't need photoshop stuff. Again: nothing too fancy in terms of picture. I really want "ok" quallity, but most important thing is that software is easy to use.

    If I remember something later, I will post it here.

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    hello. I just started around in February myelf. I haven't mess with audacity that much. Because the video editor I use called wondershare filmora does everything for me. As for the thumbnails I can help you create thumbnails in your videos if you want. I won't charge you anything when I'm still learning things for myself. But you can subscribe to me on my channels down on my signature page for a thank you. You will have to tell me each day what kind of video it is and what games are you planning on planning. What boss level you are at? Cause sometimes I use characters in my thumbnail. Here is a sample. These two thumbnails I made for myself and you tube channels. I tried to be creative once in a while. Oh and I also made my own wallpaper. Nothing fancy just basic. :D

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