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    Hi all.

    I currently use: Logitech Webcam software for voice. Bandicam and AMD ReLive for gaming capture, AVS Video Editor for editing and Handbrake for compressing.

    I have problems with some stuff, so I will try to explain some things:
    I always liked to explore stuff, and my current setup was just basic idea which I didn't have time to explore with. I like things at first, so I stayed on it. Now I wanna explore with other options.

    I wanna put my videos on "higher" level in terms of quallity, but I still want my software to be pretty basic. I did try stuff like Sony Vegas and Adobe, but I just get lost.

    For a screen recorder, I would love to try other stuff then bandicam and relive. I did try fraps, but file size is pretty $h177y. Could use help with that.

    I also have 2 years old headset with pretty good mic, but I still don't know how to record live comments with decent loudness. I still don't know how to use programs like audacity. I would love to have live comments and with decent loudness. I don't need professional music studio voice.. I just need some pretty basic stuff.

    And the last thing: thumbnail. I use only thumbnails from youtube. I never done any photo editing, and my logo is made in paint. I would love to use some basic software with ok quallity. I don't need photoshop stuff. Again: nothing too fancy in terms of picture. I really want "ok" quallity, but most important thing is that software is easy to use.

    If I remember something later, I will post it here.


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