Need help Using Twitter to promote my channel

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So I'm using Twitter to help draw traffic to my YouTube channel now I m wondering if you guys know if any good twitter accounts to follow that would retweet my video if I Tag them or anything that? I run a call of duty focused gaming Channel.


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There's many twitter profiles that RT and share videos. However, I don't know whether they are effective in drawing traffic to your channel/videos to be honest. They might have tons of followers, but those are mostly people who are just looking for a quick RT of their videos as well.

Its like people posting videos on here and not supporting other people who've shared videos here.

Best bet would be to follow other like minded twitter users who are obviously YouTube/gaming profiles, follow them, get them following you back. Show your support for others and ask for support in exchange back.

I grew this forum basically through following people who had links and information related to youtube, twitch, mixer and gaming on their profile. Those who followed back I would direct message about the forum. That might help you. However, there are some things that twitter has done over the past few years to keep you from following and dm'ing as much as you use to.


You don’t get a lot of traffic from those kind of accounts on Twitter, so the best thing you can do is to build connections with like minded people. It takes time, so be patient. You’d rather have a few good subscribers who are genially interested in your content, rather than hundred who don’t


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