Need a little help with voice recording.


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So I recently started uploading videos to YouTube. While I have been playing video games all my life, YouTube is a new concept for me. Anyway at the moment I use ps4 remote play to capture my gameplay. My controller plugs into the computer and then I plug my headset into my controller to use the mic.

I then use OBS to record. Now the only game I have uploaded is the Anthem demo. After recording and finishing up. I noticed that you can barely hear my voice over game play. I have tried adjusting settings within the game to no avail. How do I fix this? Or do I need to buy and independent mic for this? If I need that how would I hook that up. Any info would be appreciated.


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Hey man, there is an awesome free piece of software called audacity! This is a voice recording software that allows you to record and edit your voice, now as this is a separate piece of software you will need editing software to merge the clips together. there is free software out there but personally i use vegas pro. just look it up on good ol' youtube to learn how to edit the voice clips. Note: Voice clips are NOT time limited in this software and it is completely free