My goals for this year.

Discussion in 'YouTube Goals' started by JayLazoris, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. JayLazoris

    JayLazoris Active Member

    Since its the new year and I just got my 80th sub. I want to start the year off with my goals for this this year.
    I want to get 100 subs by the end of the year that's only 20 in but with how slowly I get subs I think it's a good goal.
    Wouldn't mind get at least 5 view per video.
    And lets go for 6,000 overall views which is 1,200 views more.
    Thank you for checking this thread out.
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  2. amateurgamer

    amateurgamer Member

    Wow, I feel like I'm overshooting for my goals. I only have 5 subs and am aiming for 100 subs by the end of this year. :p

    I wish you luck! I'm sure you will accomplish this by July at the latest. :)
  3. JayLazoris

    JayLazoris Active Member

    Thank you. I start will goals that I think are reachable then up them when I hit that 1st goal.
    it all depends on what games you play and if you have constant views, likes, and comments. Also if you have better luck then me you'll grow faster.
    Since it says your new I will tell you if you view a post check the channel of the poster out on youtube.

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