My 2019 Youtube Resolutions

Fost Da Gama

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  • Videos(I got psp and possibly Xbox 360 ready to start recording)
  • More Playthroughs completed
  • Streams
  • More collabs with My group/team CloudHigh Tv(We in the clouds...Its CloudHigh Tv)
  • More Views
  • More Subscribers
  • More Fost Da Gama lol

  • I like to thank the viewers and subs that give my videos a chance. I'll keep getting better.

Poisonous Penguin

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  • More uploading
  • More subscribers
  • More Views
  • More collabing
  • More game selection
  • Thank my viewers more
  • Start trying to promote more
  • Better editing
  • Try having fun
These are mine.

Horrorfied Gaming

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Setting Goals is Always Great! I hope you achieve success this year and grow your channel.

My main goal in 2019 is to release my first game and grow my YouTube to new hieghts


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Damn Admin
Study your Analytics, see what worked and what didn't work in 2018. Improve those and do more of the content you did best in 2018.

Get Shit Done!