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  1. Just enable it for Monetization but don't place ads on your videos. Hopefully it will increase the SEO and search results and not annoy anyone else in the process

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  2. DJStitch91

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    All video are montized by youtube anyway, adds will show regardless, it has no affect on seo. Youtube make money on all videos monetization is youtube offering you a cut (someone knows the percentages somewhere)
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    u know what mate, i could never find my videos in the youtube search, but after monetizing yesterday i can find them, now it might be down to my description because ive been working on that, but either way im happy because if i can find my videos then other people will stumble across them, cheers for commenting nice to have some1 on my wavelength:)
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    Studies are showing that ads don't drive away viewers to the degree that many think. We as consumers have learned to mostly tune them out.

    As for ranking higher in search, ads won't play a role. Your videos will rank higher in search based mostly on:

    1. Watch Time


    2. How Well you Manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO - Titles, Tags, Description)

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