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Hello, we have launched our new networkship program as of 1/9/16! What do you get as a subnetwork owner?

- You get to make your own rules. We will never tell you how to run your network.
- You get to set your own revenue share. You get to set your own revenue share for your partners and make as many contracts as you want.
- You get your own branded dashboard. We will not be mentioned in anything and our branding will rarely show-up. Your branding on everything, from emails to the dashboard.
- Top of the line admin panel. You will get access to the top of the line ScaleLab admin panel. This panel will help you monitor new applications, network statistics, payments, etc.
- Your channels will get access to the advanced dashboard which is fully branded by you!
- You will receive dedicated support from the BVTNetwork team.
- Sponsorship's are already set-up and ready to use. We offer Epoxy, Audio Micro, Epidemic Sound, and much more
- You can hire recruiters and bring on more subnetworks!

These are just a few of the features.

What you will need:

- An SSL certificate from GoDaddy or NameCheap to secure your dashboard. (Buy this after approval of network)

Interested or have questions? E-mail us at with the subject "Networkship".


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