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Hi, my name's Matt, I'm looking to start a YouTube group where everyone in it can make friends and grow each other's channels.
I have been doing YouTube on and off since I was 17 and met many people that I'm still in contact and whom I call good friends. However they mostly all stopped YouTube years ago and coming back to it late last year I'd very much like to start a new group full of like-minded YouTubers from the UK (or nearby). I'm saying the UK and nearby because I'm from there and timezones can be difficult so I'd very much like to stick to inviting people from there for convenience. However, if you are from the US or other places in the world if you can get time to consistently join everybody at a good time for Europe and the UK then feel free to reply.
I'm making a Discord server for the group and would very much like to keep it a small group so it's easier for people to get to know each other so places will be limited, but if people leave or stop doing YouTube (trust me I've been there) I can invite more people.
All I need to ask is for some details just so it's easier to pick people for the server.
These details are...


I may as well reply myself to this so you have a better understanding of me.

AGE: 24
A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF: Well I've been doing YouTube for nearly 8 years now. I mostly do gaming videos, but also trying to dabble in fan theories on famous tv, movie or book series. Possibly little shorts on my characters for a book I'm in the middle of writing. Also when I get to a bigger amount of subs want to post videos talking about autism, which I was diagnosed with when I was 13 but had been with me from birth.

If you can also link your Discord so it'd be easier to message you to invite you into the group, thanks.
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