Looking for Voice Actors/Actresses

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Hello everyone!
I am currently playing through a visual novel/RPG and thought to liven up the let's play I would have people do voice overs for the characters. I'm going to preface this with the fact that there will be no payment involved, but I will link to every channel of the people involved in each episode as well as mention their channels prior to going into the actual video. If you think you would be interested in voicing one of the characters, please let me know! If I get enough interest here I'll start posting information on number of characters to cover/bios and start dividing up the gameplay I have so far to start the process.
Thank you all!!


Damn Premium
I would like to help as well~ I enjoy playing visual novels and think this would be really fun! You can send me a message here or through Youtube if you are interested and can her my voice on any of my videos! (Though I would recommend my otome games for the best sampling of my voice~)
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