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Hey guys, I'm Drew from TheExiledWarlord, I'm currently looking for someone who can do art for me, this won't be a 1 time thing, I'll be needing some art for various series I plan on doing, I'll be sure to give you enough notice where you have enough time to chill and take your time with it. I dont wanna rush you!

The games I do are primarily... fantacy? I do game with swords and magic and such.

You dont have to be a Picaso(I hope that he's an artist and I didn't just name drop someone who doesn't do art, lol) it doesn't have to be 3d or super graphical, so any budding artist out there looking for a chance, or any professional guys that won't charge me an arm and a leg, let me know (I'd prefer a budding artist or first timer looking for that first....gig? ONLY because I'd like to help someone start up, HOWEVER professionals let me know in case no one else does please.

The art will be for thumbnails, video starters, banners and possibly channel profile pic.

You can contact me at:
Email: drewnelson1994@gmail.com
Skype: theexiledwarlord
Youtube: youtube.com/TheExiledWarlord

Please let me know:D


What are you offering in return ?


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