PC Looking for PC Collab group


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Game: A lot, (basically anything on my channel), and I would be willing to do Minecraft, Fortnite, or maybe anything else.
Platform: PC
Number of People: Any
Timezone: EST
Age: 19 (I would prefer to Collaborate with 18+)
Mission: Grow views and subscribers
Subscribers: 182
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Ftkrml0r7WjqLGUY7ZxTg

A couple things to know:
I get about 30-40 views a day (I expect this to change very rapidly as I was producing 4k content and had around 2-3 times the views, but my PC needed repairs, (which is now fixed) and I had to use my old pc)
I've been on YouTube for awhile, and because I'm in college the times in which I will be able to collaborate are not consistent week to week.

If your interested in Collaborating for a video, or a group of videos send me a message on YouTube, or add me on Discord: StoutGaming#1770

I will be forming a Discord Server.


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