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Discussion in 'Site News & Announcements' started by Ogie Ogilthorpe, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Ogie Ogilthorpe

    Ogie Ogilthorpe Administrator Staff Member Damn Admin

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    Interested in being a moderator? Please let us know! Comment on why you think you should be a moderator along with what you feel you can bring to the table (your strengths).

    We are looking for 1-2 moderators that can help with daily tasks such as the Daily upload thread as well as everyday forum moderation.

    Chosen moderators will get become a premium member for the duration of being a moderator as well as no ads.

    We look forward to seeing who's interested!
  2. efwaGames

    efwaGames Active Member Staff Member Damn Mod

    I'm definitely interested in helping out, whether that be with moderator status or some other way. I'm on my computer pretty much all week as I work from home, so I could easily take care of posting the Daily Upload threads. I've also taken these past few months (though some got deleted in recent hacking) to try and keep the Channel Of The Month polls going.

    To be completely open and honest, I do work full time and around that I have a wife/daughter that for some reason demand they see me for at least some of the day (go figure), and I have my YouTube channel. So I'm not going to say I'm able to spend huge chunks of time on the site or be here all day, but I always have the website open in my browser so I'm able to nose around a good few times throughout the day.

    Again, I'm more than happy to help at least with the Daily Uploads and CotM even if it's without moderator status. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
  3. JoshCasts

    JoshCasts Premium Damn Premium

    I'm definitely interested. While getting back into YouTube, I've found it's the little channels that really make me happy with their content. As for my strengths? In general, I'm not very consumed on time and am generally always on the computer and doing work, either through my channel or just browsing the internet. Before going active duty in the military (now I am out, of course), I spent a majority of my high school days sitting on forums and moderating many different styles of forums.

    Getting the opportunity to help out, more than just other small channels, but helping a forum community with moderation, I definitely feel that would be a great task and would help keep me on the right track of uploading videos, personally.

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