PS4 Looking for more gaming to join a podcast / PS4 collaboration gaming group

Sorry for the typo in the intro but you get the get the idea, looking for gamers for a podcast.

Mission statement: I wanted to make my mission statement brief, easy and concise with the things that I want out of this section if some interest is peaked. My name is Ren Operative and I'm looking for passionate, active, and die hard gamers who are laid back, and has thick skin for opinions to join our evergrowing gaming group dubbed "The Co-Operative Experience."

Sub-count: Personally sub counts don't matter to us with how many you have, we're all about taking people who have educated things to say about gaming as well as having a good time.

Rules: The big four are no drama, no extremely poor mics, be active (we do purge non-talkers) and it's a group of friends, we do more than just self-promotion. Let us get used to you and we'll add you to a slew of things is all we ask. Hopefully this is really fair on our part.

Age limits: Yes, 16 and older. Maturity level is factored as well.

Can I observe your channel: Sure

Last requirements: You must have a Discord account. I can't stress this last one enough because we're more active on Discord.

Further information: Our timezones are EST, and you can email me at

Console of preference: PS4
just saw this thread pop up and didnt realize its from a year ago, is this still going on cuz id love to be a part of this


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