PC Looking for Dedicated Funny YouTubers

Game: Gmod, GTA, CoD WWII, Gang Beasts, basically up for anything
Platform: PC
Number of People: 3-5
Timezone: Eastern Timezone (UTC)
Age: 17+, but if you feel really confident in your content as a young gun show me it
Mission: YouTube for a living, I love making vids and entertaining people
Subscribers: 41
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9occLTtR8F9QaGh6NcU21w

I've recently come back to YouTube to start posting videos. Unfortunately I can't consistently get my friends together to play, and I'd rather not do single player videos. I'm looking for funny people who can play consistently, as in a couple times a week to get content. If you want to start playing with me, comment and leave me a link to one of your vids you want me to watch. If I like you I'll add you on something and we'll message each other.
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