Xbox One Looking for Chill content creators to grow with!

Honestly I'm down to collab with anyone who gives off a positive vibe & isn't afraid of being in the thick of it with me and friends. We're a relatively older group ( 20's ) but don't really care for age as long as you're a down to earth person! We make edgy jokes every now and than but are very self-aware ( Call it a New Yorker's bluntness if you will lol ) but don't be too afraid! I primarily play on Xbox so that's preferably who I'd like to collaborate with so if you're interested either add me on Xbox ( Culig ) or subscribe to the channel and comment. Doesn't matter to me just contact me so we can get something going!

Games we/I usually play: Overwatch/Borderlands 3/COD B04/Gears of War 5



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