Looking for animated intro

I commissioned a friend to make a 20 second animated intro for my videos. Unfortunately he ahd to stop making it (and no I didn't pay him before hand luckily) and so I've been looking for someone else to make one for me, I'm willing to pay of course and credit will be given where it's due in the decription of every video it apepars in, if you're willing to do this then leave a comment in this post and a link to your artwork-style.


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Im Making Photoshop Banner,Logo's AND Thumbnail template AND Intros for Cheap prices Contact me for more Info: KIK-RapidYTT Skype-rapid.gaming2

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Hi there i would be happy to help you

you can find all my work at
please ignore the prices as i have not updated the site in quite sometime.

Please PM me if you want some help :)


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