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Why Join Us!

High earnings

When you are partnered with LetsGO/XmediaDigital you will earn more money than you do with just AdSense mainly because XmediaDigital have their own global Advertising Sales Department selling alongside YouTube and making sure that we optimize the advertising fill rate. The Playback Based CPM is between 3 to 10 dollars and sometimes even higher, depending on the type of content you have and the seasonality in the advertising market. This combined with the fact that we offer a really high Revenue Share to our partners puts us among the highest paying networks globally.

Powerful channel development tools

However, the partnership is not only about increasing revenue. There is more to the partnership than just the high earnings. We offer great tools , which allow you to access a number of very interesting additional revenue streams as well as very powerful tools to cross promote your channel, driving view and subscriber growth much faster than what you would be able to achieve on your own.

We also help channels better manage and optimise their content to increase CPM, impressions, and subscribers. Our Support Department and Channel Development specialists are available 24/7 and we respond on average within 48 hours to partner questions or requests!

no-lock in!

Come in and try us out and see for yourself what boost we can give your channel and earnings. If you feel we didn’t deliver to your expectations you can just unlink.Our super fast network growth proves that virtually all our channel partners are very happy with what we do for them!

Full Transparency

Revenue data is available directly at YouTube Analytics and nothing is hidden! You will also get personal access to our super useful Dashboard through which you can access all our unique partner features and tools.

Monthly payout

Payments will be done regular as clockwork through our fully integrated PayPal solution.

You stay in control!

You will of course retain ownership of all the videos and IP you create, and you keep complete control of your channel. Nothing changes for you in the way you run your channel.

Anti Piracy Protection of your content

For Premium Original Content Owners who need protection against piracy of their content on YouTube, we have our Digital Rights Management Department who can set up your account on YouTube making sure that you can monetize all views on your content (or take down pirated videos) even if your content is featured on someone else’s channel.

No withholding tax

You earn 100% of everything you make. There are no tax forms to fill out from LetsGO and no withholding tax. Simple and easy.


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