PC Let's Have Some Fun (Collab)

Game: Gmod, GTA V, Gang Beasts, Ark, anything really, I also want CoD WWII so if you wanna play that then hit me up
Platform: PC
Number of People: 3-5, I have some friends already but they're not as active
Timezone: US Eastern
Age: 16+
Mission: BECOME THE WORLD SUPREME LEADER.... or grow my channel, that's cool too
Subscribers: 41
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9occLTtR8F9QaGh6NcU21w

Hey y'all, if you look at my channel you see I've played with some funny guys in the past, but their schedules are getting tighter and tighter, so I need some funny people to play with consistently. If you can play a couple times a week, and your timezone works with mine, hit me up in the comments and leave a link to your channel where I can stalk you. I'm all about having a good time, creating some funny moments, so join me if you want to. Also, leave your first and last name, mothers maiden name, social security card and credit card numbers.... (don't actually do that, I don't want to go to prison)


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