joining a YT gaming network. how?


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Hi all
So ive noticed a few bigger YTers that are in the gaming genre are a part of "networks", giving them more rights to post content of video games and such and such.

It seems theres restrictions on what networks you can join depending on how many subscribers you have and how many views you have.

So my question is if I had enough subs and views to join a network, how would I apply for a membership of any given network?.


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I don't know of any network that gives members any more rights to anything. People tend to get more access to games earlier etc based on their popularity and networking. I imagine there might be the chance publishers/developers may turn to networks and ask who they'd recommend to cover certain games, but it's not anything I've heard about directly from YouTubers or networks.

It use to be a case, back when there was basically only Machinima, that being part of a network was the only way to gain revenue from the ads on your videos, but obviously anyone with an AdSense account can do that now. The only benefit as far as I know about being part of a network is that some will make deals with other websites to give free access to sound libraries, social media tools, etc, and I would say only if you think these things would be useful should you look at joining a network. Otherwise you'll find you're not getting anything from being on the network other than to say you're with them, and for that they'll take a hefty percentage of your ad revenue. I'm with Maker and the only reason I am is because I get free access to a sound/music library to use in my videos, and free access to Epoxy, which can sometimes be useful for posting things to various social medias.


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I think some people join youtube networks in an attempt to gain more likes, views, subs etc. While you might gain this you also tend to have to give access to your Google Account and the network will typically take a percentage of any ad revenue that you make. We try to avoid networks as we dont like the idea of surrendering this sort of access to them!
I find networks to be interesting where the big ones are only interested in the more successful channels. The irony is, by then, you are probably doing fine on your own already. Just keep doing what you are doing and you might even be contacted by one. If you do, research the network before even considering agreeing. If you're a small channel, the networks available to you are usually not good at all.


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You can check THIS THREAD to see what the Curse Network has to offer you.

Some benefits of joining a partner when you are a small channel is that they (not all, but most) can pay you without having to reach that $100 mark like youtube. They can also provide you with tools, tips and music for your channel. They can help with copyright strikes you get/give.

However, they do not allow you to make more money. YouTube takes 45% of what you earn, so the earnings you see in your analytics is the remaining 55%. When you join a partner, they will have a split. Curse has a 90/10 split, meaning they take 10% of your earnings, but they still take it out of that 55% you have.

Some things to be cautious about before you join a network is contract. Make sure it's not locked in so you can leave when you want. Make sure they split is not bad like 60/40. Do your own research and see how they deal with smaller channels.

Hope you make the best decision!


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