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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GameOverViper, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. ShadowZia

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    I do welcoming on another forum from my former network. And I believe welcoming new people will make em feel more at home. And help them around the forums to get better acquainted. Help with profile if they have questions and help find those who can if I cant answer. Feeling that their word is important makes them feel more at home in the forums. For we all share command goals.
  2. BVTNetwork

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    Welcome! Post this in the new members area.
  3. ChunkerBuTT

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    Hey guys! I am a new streamer trying to get my content out there. You can find me at ! If you would like to help support my dream in becoming a full-time streamer I would really appreciate if you check me out and give me a follow! I do giveways every 100 followers so if you tune in around those times you will have a chance to win something. I am currently trying to be one of the fastest streamers out there to recieve their subscribe button, so every follower really counts! My schedule right now is currently sunday-friday from 2pm-11pm. I really appreciate it. Thanks guys.
  4. Jack oGamer

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    Hey Guys
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    please make a new members post. not here thanks
  6. Bolticus

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    Lovely welcome everyone. It's nice to see an honest, helpful and friendly community. :rock:
  7. Nick p

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    New member and brand new to youtube. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  8. Game Rooks

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    Hey everyone this is a new account and i wanted to get some friends on here so currently just saying hello, I did have an account with this website prior but lost the password and eventually made a new channel so i decided to create another account and start fresh. So my name is Mini Hippie and I am the founder of Game Rooks which is a group of friends who sit down have awesome play through's with plenty of jokes and filled with laughs. plus we got a new mic so the audio is beautiful which is my favorite part!!!!
  9. TerribleTwentiez

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jay from TerribleTwentiez! There's 4 of us but only me here right now so let me speak on everyones behalf :) To start of, I am so delighted that theres a community of upstarters that are determined to pursue what they want to do just like myself. It makes me really happy. Just browsing through some of your was left speechless. The community here is amazing. Anyways, all 4 of us are college students! We go to Queens College in NYC. We all met through one common denominator and that is through joining a frat (please bare with me before you all go on a rampage). A frat isn't what you all think of it to be...okay maybe sometimes it is but without that frat I wouldn't have met these three brothers of mine and at the end of the day....who wouldn't want someone to share their life with? Haha anyways I can't speak on their specific interests but I guess I'm a very typical boy. I love my video games, I love basketball, LeBron James is my idol (again, please don't go on a rampage haha) and I love to entertain!!! Guys respond to me with what your favorite things are ! :)

    As for our channel, we are awaiting our 100th subscriber so we can officially claim the URL "TerribleTwentiez" on youtube, we are currently at 92 I believe.
    We created this channel for one reason and one reason only and that is to make people SMILE!
    To make people LAUGH! On our channel you'll notice a lot of skits, pranks, and social experiments and maybe someday down the line, vlogs!

    We'd love to support you all and hopefully you feel the same, and in the end hopefully you all are giving US suggestions as to what we should post!

    Much love to the beautiful community,
    Jay Dilla :)
  10. Unkindly

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