Is VidMe worth it?

Discussion in 'VIDME Discussion' started by Varlais Alata, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Varlais Alata

    Varlais Alata Member

    The only reason I haven't joined it yet is because if I do, then I'd have to upload videos twice.

    Yeah that might seem lazy but honestly, my vids take hours to upload lol.

    So from other users that have already tried the place, could you list some of the pros/ cons?

    Please? :3 Thanks for your time.
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  2. WAZY

    WAZY Member

    Well I am trying it now so will give you a review soon.

    My first thoughts are:
    • Easy to use
    • Channel avatar and art is similar in size to YouTube and allows to use the same art work
    • Thumbnails similar to YouTube
    There is one con to it but I understand why they haven't got this feature but uplaod video from YouTube. They could do it similar to how steam works where you have to sign in to your YouTube account to upload a video and would make it so much easier for YouTuber's to use Vidme. Maybe YouTube won't allow a competing video site that feature though.

    I am going to use it for a month uploading the same videos for YouTube to Vidme with the Vidme videos being uploaded around 6 hours earlier and will promote my vidme channel on my YouTube channel.

    Currently I think it has potential and may be better for smaller YouTuber's to start with it.
  3. Varlais Alata

    Varlais Alata Member

    Thanks so much for the information :)
  4. WAZY

    WAZY Member

    No worries got a few more things about VidMe.

    1. No monetization on videos, if you get your channel verified you can however receive tips from your viewers, not sure how much you will be able to earn off a video from that. They are planning or currently adding monetization (not 100% sure) for their platform
    2. To get your channel verified you have to fill out a google form and it can take a few days (Will let you know how long it takes to get verified or at least their response time on applying for a verified channel).
    3. Unverified channels can upload a maximum of 30 minutes per video.
    4. No channel stats or indepth analysis like YouTube, only video views (Can't tell how far someone watched a video
    So there are a few things I can say, I also think it is not as worth it currently than YouTube as I there would not be a lot of people on VidMe compared to YouTube. But we will see how my trial run will go :)
  5. ChickenKrispy

    ChickenKrispy Active Member

    I see VidMe as a great way to get a different audience of viewers. The atmosphere is quite different on the platform, and it is growing rapidly. The greatest thing of all is there really is no upload process to speak of. You're free to upload via a link to your video on YouTube, and it imports all of the meta data. Description and all. You can also get verified on the site quite easily if you've already got a decent amount of content on YouTube. Took me less than 24 hours. The pros to being verified are minimal. However it allows any video length which was important to me, and monetization which I don't care for but it's worth having the ability.

    TL;DR: You've got nothing to lose, and uploads are incredibly easy.
  6. Njords77

    Njords77 New Member

    I must have been living under a rock for quite a while, never even heard of vidme. Thanks for your summary, will check it out.
  7. Shweebe

    Shweebe Member

    It's worth it to get your self noticed a bit more. And if you don't want to make exclusive content for VidMe then do what I do. Once I upload to YT I copy the link to the video and just import it to the site. It's quick and easy to do. That and the staff at VidMe will always respond to any questions you may have in a timely manner.
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  8. ZDonkulous

    ZDonkulous New Member

    The more I hear about VidMe the more I like it. I just might have to make an account there soon enough.
  9. Gecklo

    Gecklo New Member

    I personally enjoy vidme for the interface alone. I think its very snazzy. I think everyone can already speak for its worth, but hey, add me as another supporter on the pile
  10. Dinesh

    Dinesh New Member

    You can just copy the YouTube link. You don't need to reuplad anything at vidme
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